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Blink and you miss a beat

Glory fades...

the past is just practice
10 November
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I love standing in the rain for hours, no matter how wet I am getting.I love curling up in bed in the middle of the afternoon. I like making lists and writing down quotes instantly after I hear them. I love singing along to any song while driving, regardless of my terrible voice. I love being in a good mood. I like organizing things. I like being able to identify with lyrics of a song. I like feeling secure. I like being kissed. I love being with friends. I like the colour turquoise. I love getting phone calls which have no purpose. I like stroking my hands through my hair after a shower to feel how smoothe it is. I like shopping for really good deals. I love not being able to wipe a smile off my face after something good has happend. I love adventures. I love to travel. I don't like using the word 'forever'. I do not like being told what to do. I don't like people being over-protective. I like being loved. I like the company of the opposite sex. I like obstaining from drugs. I like taking risks. I love taking detours that make the trip worth-while. I like being on time, and I hate being late. I like knowing the time. I love sleeping in. I like things that last. I like being indecisive. I love being artistic regardless of my non-apparent talent. I like looking at old pictures of myself. I like having good days. I like being competitive. I love listening to sad songs. I like dancing for no reason. I like having intellectual conversations. I hate that people assume so many things about me. I love taking pictures, but hate being in them. I love playing the piano, but I hated taking lessons. I like being excited for things. I hate anticipation. I like writing letters, putting them away and reading them years later. I like my hand-writing. I love living in a village where everyone knows everyone. I like doodling using bubble letters. I love holding hands whilst cold. I like using post-it notes to remind me. I love the warm feeling you get when you know you've made a difference in somebody else's life. I love kids. I like acceptance. And I love having a journal to keep track of myself when I have lost myself.

"Your in my web now. I've come to wrap you up tight 'til it's time to bite down."

you gotta sink to swim

impersonate greater persons

cause we all know art is hard

when we don't know who we are

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